The Story Behind MOXIE

Kara Duepre

By Kara Duepre

Those of you who know me know that my favorite question to ask someone is “What is the biggest misconception people have about you?” Believe it or not, this question has proven to be extremely revealing and therefore valuable to getting to REALLY know someone.  

Recently, I was interviewing a psychic medium for my upcoming immersive event, “Dia de los Muertos.” Typically, when I interview mediums, I have them do a reading of me—this is the quickest way for me to assess their skills but also to connect with them on a deeper level. On a side note, I have been getting readings for many years—mostly for fun and sometimes for events.  However, I finally had the most mind-blowing experience this past Saturday with a medium named Heather.  Heather came highly recommended to me by a good friend but I still had no idea how good she was until my reading.

Without going into detail of interest to no one but myself, I want to share the most relevant details that really speak to the question I mentioned earlier: “What is the biggest misconception people have about you?”  

Heather, knowing nothing about me or even my events, called me at our scheduled time on Saturday morning. She explained to me how her process works and then she went right into it with no questions and no cards.  It was an experience of a lifetime. After connecting with relatives that have passed on, I asked her about my immersive events.  

Heather told me that I need to come forward more publicly to explain what these events are really about. That I must share the reason why I created them and the true intention behind them.

So here goes:

I have been creating MOXIE Luxe immersive parties for a few years now. My intention has always been to create a magical environment where guests walk away feeling inspired, energized, beautiful and worthy. The world can be so hard on us, and sometimes we forget how to really play and get lost in another world. A lot of thought goes into the details of each event—so much so that guests have reported having totally different experiences than their friends attending the same event.  

I want my guests to have fun, but I also want them to create a memorable experience. It’s kind of like that feeling when you’re in the car and a really great song comes on and you start singing it.  Suddenly, you get lost in the fantasy of the moment, and feel that sense of pure happiness where everything else in that moment is forgotten.  This is what I try to recreate for people at MOXIE immersive events.

Heather’s reading made me realize that I need to share the depths of where my events originate since the biggest misconception of MOXIE Luxe, is that we “throw cool parties.”  She told me, “Kara, they are so much more and the public needs to understand this.”

I figured that after a few events, people would share their experiences and then I wouldn’t have to be so literal.  But what Heather taught me is that those who have not yet experienced my immersive events can’t truly understand what they are about. These events are a feeling, an experience, and a memory in the making – and I hope you ‘ll attend so you too will understand my description of something that largely defies description.

So I hope this explains, or at least piques your interest, in MOXIE Luxe a little bit more, and I hope that our events encourage people to be kinder and gentler to themselves and others!

“It’s like being in the center of a really great performance. You get so drawn in that you forget about the world around you- if just for a moment. It’s an emotional sensation that can only be explained by experiencing it!” 

Tiffani Harris

MOXIE Luxe Immersive Experiences

We’re an immersive events company based in Denver, Colorado— providing one-of-a-kind experiences for those looking to connect with the extraordinary.

Our events are hands-on, guiding guests into the artistic unknown, the weird and the wonderful. At MOXIE Luxe events, we allow for more than passive participation. We break the boundaries between performer and audience as you engage with evocative elements of the show. Make the experience your own— whether you want to be fully-involved or simply sit back and take it all in.

These immersive events are already underground sensations in cities like London, Brazil, New York City and Chicago. They have also been a long-time dream of MOXIE founder Kara Duepre, who imagined such events while in college listening to DJ Tiesto and living it up in Las Vegas. MOXIE was born from her desire to create an immersive show of lights, dancers, and music, choreographed beyond the usual, two-dimensional experience of a DJ spinning music and people dancing on the floor.

It’s party-meets-performance. It’s MOXIE.

MOXIE Luxe Descriptions ENTERTAINMENT EVOLUTION – MOXIE Luxe is an entertainment evolution— it

transcends the traditional club experience by dipping into something more immersive.

ONE OF A KIND, EVERY TIME – No two experiences are the same at a MOXIE Luxe event— it’s one-of-a-kind, every time. Each attendee forges his or her own path into exploration, reconnecting with their childlike sense of wonder. At a MOXIE Luxe event, attendees don’t have to be passive participants— they can be fully-involved cast members while others simply observe while being captivated by the moment.

WEIRD, WONDERFUL & WORTH DRESSING UP FOR – MOXIE Luxe is ending the adage “all dressed up with nowhere to go.” Our events aren’t just another cocktail party that you sport that same-old LBD to— they’re immersive, art-driven experiences that encourage guests to dust off that elegant piece of clothing hiding in the back of their closet. Whether you’re with your significant other or a group of singles, MOXIE Luxe events promise a night that’s weird, wonderful and worth dressing up for.

MEET KARA DEUPRE – owner and producer

“I want to create an experience where you can let go of the familiar and experience you.”

Kara is the visionary. Kara’s vision will move you beyond passive entertainment into a world where you participate, creating an evening that leaves you charmed, changed, and longing for the next one.

Kara has been dreaming of MOXIE for more than 20 years. She dipped her toe in events a couple years ago with Wicked— a successful show she created and produced in just three months. Held in Cherry Creek, Wicked blended art, music and fashion with food and drink for an immersive evening that had guests euphoric by the night’s end. It was through Wicked that Kara realized she was in her element, producing events that enchanted her guests throughout an entire evening. They are the kind of experiences Kara believes the Denver club and event scenes are not providing: an atmosphere where people are part of the show and a setting where they can explore their inhibitions.


“I understand what it means to manage a start-up business. I have invested, built and managed several companies.”

Darrick is the entrepreneur and VC of the team. His investments in various startups have paid

off by delivering unique services to clients and steep increases in revenue. Darrick has years of strong entrepreneurial and business experience, through building a successful medical practice and venture capital companies in both real estate and technology. Through Darrick, The MOXIE experience will bring joy and creativity to every participant at every level from hosts and participants to sponsors and investors.


“I feel privileged to be working on something so unique and progressive. Denver is in for a real treat!”

Angel has worked in the fitness industry for more than 30 years as a business owner & entrepreneur. It has brought her an appreciation for living life to the fullest. Creating experiences for herself and others is her passion. Angel feels that to fully enjoy life you must first have a vision and a plan to execute it. Her desire to partner with something bigger than herself has brought her to MOXIE.